Looking for longterm accomodation for a couple and their yurt Claim

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Price: AUD160 per week
Available Date: 03-12-2018 - 03-12-2023

Hi there.

We are a alternative minded couple, both 27 y/o, we’ve spent a fair while travelling and working around different parts of this country and the world for some years and now we’re comitting to living the next 5 years in Melbourne while Eliza will study at RMIT (Bundoora).

We’ve got a beautiful 6m diameter yurt that we built which we are wishing to live in. We’ve designed it in a way so that it will blend nicely into a Victorian bush landscape and be a beautiful space to call home.

So being young and landless, we are, naturally, looking for a space to put up the yurt and live.

We are currently looking at suburbs such as Eltham, Warrendyte, Hurstbridge, Yallambie and neighbouring suburbs (won’t bore you with the whole list, but anything realtively bushy and hilly within a half hour drive from Bundoora basically)

So basically we see 3 basic possibilities for this to become a reality.

1) Joining an existing share-house, paying a reasonable rent and be able to use the house for things like cooking, bathroom while sharing nice times with people.

2) In a nook on someone’s property. A more private option, We’d be largely self-sustainable, living more as neighbours, though technically on the same property. We’d have to have the basics organised but we’re easygoing and handy with stuff so should be alright, we’ll pay rent and I think it could be a win-win situtation.

3) Start a new sharehouse with other beings wishing to live in a house, we’ll put our yurt up.

If any of these would tickle your fancy then please feel free to get in contact with us, questions can never be answered unless asked :).

The maximum which we are willing to pay is $160.

About us;

Yes, very important section, yet so tricky to write.

We’re a long term couple with a very diverse past and present life, Eliza is a born Nepali, Theo is from Sweden but lives here permanently,. We enjoy a lot of time in and around the bush, learning to live with and respect thie place we call home, we love a good conversation about life, society and activism stuff (as well as actively participating in manifesting a better world i.e solidarity movements), We go through heaps of green tea and various herbal teas, yet we seem to average only a bottle of wine or 2 a week in between us. Non-smokers , used to be-vegetarians with a love for nice communal dinners, various card and boardgames,

We love having a rich social life, yet enjoy a lot of nice quiet evenings too. We are passionate about acknoledging (not just in words but in our actions too) the custodians of this land we live on, as well as fighting sexism.

Theo will work as a landscape/gardener and possibly study, Eliza is comitted to studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bundoora for the next 5 years.

Theo: loves having a good project, working on something, next thing up is building a sauna on a trailer, love working on land and doing landscape gardening, I guess it’s an outlet for my creativity, Knows about various things with construction, renovation and property maintanence too and often happy to help.

Eliza: a bedroom musician who loves cats,, very passionate about natural medicin and herbs, nutrition and living in harmony. has worked extenisvely as a barista and has a bachelor in sociology and philosophy. Going for moderate jogs and building stuff.

We are looking for a place from February or March onwards.

If you were to be interested in talking more to us, please feel free to text or call. We’l happily provide references, (proffesional and private) as well as other proofs of our character (such as CV, Police clearance and whatever else).


Theodor and Eliza