Communal organic garden – Glebe NSW Claim

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Available Date: 05-01-2019 - 05-01-2022

St Helen’s Community Garden is a shared garden where we work together.  We share both the gardening and the harvest.

Together we grow vegetables and herbs, using organic gardening methods. We minimise our impact on the environment by using tank water, reusing and recycling organic material (composting and worm farming), using mulch, recycled materials and alternatives to chemicals and synthetic fertilisers.

Our garden is a welcoming place, open to any community members who share our ideals.

We will learn together how to grow food, and we see ourselves as part of an expanding network of community gardeners contributing to the local production of food and stimulating friendships, contact, communication, and stronger community among local residents.

To achieve our vision we will gradually implement the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate sustainable practice, build raised garden beds, using recycled materials by preference, use tank rainwater to grow and share food.
  • Ensure the garden is accessible for wheelchair use and differently abled participants.
  • Raise plants from seed, using heirloom varieties where possible.
  • Improve the soil by composting material collected from local sources, including cafes and households. Use worm farming to enrich the soil.
  • Demonstrate the aesthetic possibilities of vegetable planting by creating a small Potager Garden to complement the adjacent heritage buildings.
  • Demonstrate sustainable practice
  • Create positive opportunities for community participation, education and interaction, including school groups.